No server! only Javascript - HTML5 document platform DOCXJS.

Extract data from a document!
View a document in an internet browser without internet connection!
DOCXJS is compatible with other various web services!
Generate a docx (MS WORD) document with a simple Json data!
Getting started DOCXJS!
· Installing DOCXJS
- Click Download. You’ll see the file being downloaded. or DOCXJS CDN

· What's included
jQuery required
Please note that all JavaScript plugins require jQuery to be included, as shown in the Example.
- Include DOCXJS and jQuery

· Insert Node
- Add div and input node into body

· Run DocxJS
- Javascript Source Add and DOCXJS Running

· Simple Basic Example.

Only Javascript

Whether you are online or offline, all you need for DOCXJS is an internet browser because it is implemented in JavaScript only.

Provide Data

Use a simple Json data provided by DOCXJS. You can easily turn a set of DB data into a document and vice abc abc abc

Extract Docx

DOCXJS can extract data not only from a text-based document, but also a Word document with shapes and style.

Rendering Docx

DOCXJS documents can be rendered from HTML5-based browser in any OS or device.

Collaborate Resource

DOCXJS is compatible with various web services such as WYSIWYG editor, EDMS, CMS, and E-Form.

Create Docx

Whether it is a blog posting or a web page, you convert it to a document and view it offline.

Story behind DocxJS

You already have a significant number of documents, and they contain tremendous amount of data you accumulated over a long period of time. It will be fantastic to turn that vast amount of data into a database and utilize it for big data or machine learning.

We thought long and hard about how to leverage countless offline documents on the web. DOCXJS is our answer.

DOCXJS offers a way to read, edit and even generate a document. However, you must understand that DOCXJS is not a web office program, and it does not use the same method as other office programs to produce a document.

If you wish to create an Office document, we recommend you to use the existing application. However, if you wish to utilize the document you made as a data, DOCXJS will be the best solution.

What is the strength of a program implemented in JavaScript only, and what do I need to run it on a server?

The fact that DOCXJS does not require a server means that the entire process from data parsing, verification to generation takes place in an internet browser. Therefore, there is no need to worry about server security or resource. In addition, DOCXJS can be used in offline setting. For a server version, please contact us.

Why docx (MS Word) was chosen for your service?

MS Office is the most popular office program in the world. We chose MS Office because there are already numerous documents made using MS Office. In addition, docx format is widely used among other Office programs.

Does it also support doc, which is the format used before 2007?

DOCXJS does not support it. However, you can use the doc format after converting it to docx using Open Office or Libre Office.

Do I need to know all Json data provided by DOCXJS?

It’s enough to know the Json data structure needed for your document. However, if you want to fully leverage DOCXJS, we recommend you to use all Json data.

There’s a demo on your website. Are the features used in the video clip basic features of DOCXJS?

The demo video is an example of what you can do with DOCXJS. You can use the program in the same way, or you can use it in a better way.

What browsers and OS does DOCXJS support?

DOCXJS supports internet browsers such as Chrome , Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE 10 and higher), and it can be used in IOS and Android (4.0 and higher).

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